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Birmingham Primark can give a boost to independent retailers, too.

The launch of the Primark superstore in Birmingham is a welcome vote of confidence in the high street, from which independent retailers can also benefit.

Footfall is bound to increase in Birmingham, and now is the time for businesses, particularly those who are changing their image, to consider challenging their business rates.

Considerable savings may be achieved, say Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) , who are eager to take on the paperwork and, where necessary, surveys, associated with appeals to the Rating Authority.

Right now, every penny matters for hard-pressed businesses, and some of the harshness of the rating system may be mitigated by a re-appraisal of business rates.

All worries about cost are eliminated by CPA's no win no fee terms.

CPA's enthusiastic and professional team look forward to helping reduce  the burden of business rates in need of revision. A fresh pair of eyes can work financial wonders.

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