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As our businesses struggle with rents, business rates should not be forgotten.

The twelve-month business rates "holiday" should provide firms with an opportunity for a formal rates re-assessment, in time for the new rating list (which will almost certainly mean even higher rates bills).

Business rents provide a grim warning of the problems facing firms in these difficult times: with the second "quarter day" of rent since lockdown just arrived, collection is expected to fall by up to 80%. The prohibition of legal action against tenants, until  the end of September, provides sink or swim opportunities for rents to be re-negotiated.

It is exactly the same for business rates: the "holiday" provides time for firms to have their rates professionally challenged by specialists, and a major  burden to be eased.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) enjoys a high success rate in successfully appealing rates demands, winning rebates backdated to 2017, and placing clients on a firmer footing before the new rating list, in 2022.

Lower business rates are vital for the recovery of so many firms. CPA's no win no fee service eliminates worries, and it welcomes the opportunity to offer a free no obligation consultation to all businesses  struggling with high overheads at this difficult time.

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