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As business rates return, now is the best time to reduce this bill

Even with a financial taper, non-domestic rates demands still represent a hefty chunk of money .

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) welcomes the opportunity to help challenge and appeal this unwelcome burden on recovering businesses.

CPA will take complete responsibility for compiling the complex paperwork, basing its evidence on professionally-presented surveys wherever appropriate.

With competitively-priced commission only payable after clients' savings have been safely banked, the service is worry-free, transparent and supported by RICS- regulated best practice.

CPA's team of Personal Advisors ensure that bureaucratic delays are kept to a minimum, the client being kept apprised of all developments , as they occur.

In the constant battle with online services, CPA urges businesses, from factory units to clubs and the high street, to take advantage of a fresh look at their rates liabilities without delay.

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