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Act now to reduce your business rates

Latest figures from retail reveal the inexorable rise of business rates, even at a time when rents, are falling, under pressure from cash-strapped tenants.

Furthermore, retail profit margins are also falling and thought unlikely to recover soon, if at all.

News reports tell us of the problems the UK government is encountering from America, as it tries to introduce a digital sales tax, to level the bricks and mortar /online playing field.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) is keenly aware of these threats to company liquidity and urges firms not to waste a moment in re-examining their business rates. Many of CPA's clients have not realised that they were entitled to rate refunds, having accepted the burden of rates unquestioningly for many years.

CPA offers a no win no fee service, including professional surveys, taking all paperwork worries from the shoulders of its clients, and promptly responds to all requests for help and advice.

With an 80% success rate in appealing rates bills, CPA believes it can make a critical difference to its clients' commercial future.

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