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A shot in the arm for the UK hospitality industry.

The UK hospitality industry is in sore need of government help, given its economic importance, and as a source of employment.

Is your hospitality outlet narrowly failing to qualify for the current government grants? Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) is anxious to offer its successful experience of navigating the complexities of official paperwork, in order to fine-tune and re-submit  bids for grant relief.

CPA also recommends hospitality outlets to use profitably the extra time before the next business rates review to appeal their present rates base. 

CPA's 80% success rate in winning appeals has saved clients thousands in rebates, as well as placing their finances on a more secure footing for the future.

CPA offers a free consultation  on emergency grants and business rates, and a no win no fee service, competitive commission re-payable in easy stages. 

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