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2020 is an ideal time for firms to have their rates re-assessed.

Cushman and Wakefield share the general view that, in 2020, prospects for retailing will remain competitive, with likely winners being those who promote shopping as a unique experience, inventive in a way not open to online businesses, or some conventional corporate operators.

Growth will be modest: although the general election has not clarified the future for retailing, the general line of travel has become clearer.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) believes that 2020 provides an opportunity for firms to reflect on how best to re-direct savings on overheads to investment in the changing market.

For example, how many firms not on the high street are failing to realise that, in all other respects, they are conventional retailers?

Surrounded by factory units, they nevertheless sell directly to the public.  Yet have they ever considered that they may well qualify for business rates relief?

With their experience as specialist experts in rates reductions, CPA offers free no-obligation advice to all businesses, whether located on or off the high street and will build a professional case for appealing business rates on a no win no fee basis.

CPA's 80% success rate in winning financial compensation and re-assessment of rates for a diverse range of clients makes it ideally suited to respond promptly and professionally to all requests for help and advice.

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