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What does it mean to be regulated by RICS?

Depending on where you are on your journey to pay less in business rates, you may have heard of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), or seen the acronym used on various platforms. Just recognising the affiliation that a company has with its industry's governing body can help to make important business decisions, but it’s also important to understand who the governing body is and what they represent.

The fundamentals of RICS revolve around corporate responsibility and ethical business practices, and any development within the institute must adhere to these principles.

RICS work is hugely diverse as they promote the highest possible standards within the valuing, operating and development of the entire property management field. This includes construction, infrastructure, land use and real estate. RICS surveyors usually fall into one of four categories:

  • Building

  • Rural

  • Environmental

  • Construction

RICS surveyors have undertaken years of study, beyond a degree level, and pursued further training within their field. The time it takes can vary depending on the level a surveyor is at, as an Associate, it may have taken two to three years. But many surveyors choose to move up the ranks and can spend upwards of ten years achieving further RICS recognition.

The title carries significant weight and goes a long way to establishing trust and reassurance for the public in need of a surveyor. So much so, that the title of chartered surveyor may legally only be used by those who have been acknowledged by the RICS.

As well as this, any disputes between a surveyor and a client can be dealt with through the RICS acting as an independent intermediary. Fortunately, at CPA, there hasn’t been any need to go down this route!

As a growing company, we’re very proud to be regulated by the RICS. It’s important to us for transparency, that we’re doing all we can to promote an honest relationship between ourselves and our clients. We believe that adhering to RICS regulations is the best way to achieve this, and would encourage all of our clients to learn more about RICS before deciding on an agent.

We would always advise choosing a RICS regulated surveyor when appointing an agent to reduce your business rates, to ensure the best possible service within the industry. To make sure you’re dealing with a RICS regulated agent, make sure they have a page on the RICS website as we do. You can find ours here.

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