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Business rates: are you paying for empty space?

Peter Foley is our resident guru here at CPA, and has been passionately following the shifting world of business rates for many years. With a keen political insight, Peter’s writing reveals how policy change is key to understanding your business rates further, and how this could translate into substantial savings. In his weekly column, Peter also outlines a desired path forward, with changes we’d like to see implemented for a fairer system on the nation's business rates.

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, the post-pandemic shift in working habits has undoubtedly impacted our sales areas and production layouts. This shift has potentially left many businesses with surplus space, creating an expensive burden when it comes to paying outdated business rates.

No matter if you occupy offices, industrial units, or warehouses, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) is here to offer you a solution - and it won't cost you a thing upfront. We provide a comprehensive survey, led by our team of RICS-regulated surveyors, to accurately assess the rateable value of your property.

Should you decide that a formal appeal to the Valuation Office is necessary, CPA will handle all the necessary paperwork, rich in data, at absolutely no charge to you. We believe in putting our clients first, and we only come into play with our competitive and agreed commission once we have achieved a successful financial outcome for you.

By partnering with CPA, you could potentially save six figures and secure a more realistic rateable value for the future. Don't let rising bills hinder your success. Act now and reach out to CPA for the help and advice you need. Let us navigate the complexities of business rates together.

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