Business Rates Review

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Image by Markus Winkler

Business rates are a very complex form of commercial property tax. In a large number of cases, the rateable value on a property is likely to be incorrect due to the government not having the people power and resources to fairly assess every commercial property in the UK. This leaves a lot of companies inadvertently paying too much on their own business rates. 

There is a whole business sector in the UK dedicated to reviewing business rates. From the clients point of view, it is important that they work with a rating agent that can:

  1. Perform a full and complete review of their business rates so there is nothing left that has not been looked at. 

  2. That the case is fully risk assessed so the client can relax in the knowledge that their rates will not increase and will only either stay the same or get reduced. 

  3. That the surveying firm that work with has their best interests at heart, is regulated by RICS and only charges using a fee basis that is fair. 

CPA are proud to boast that they operate under all 3 of these points. Being one of the few companies in the UK that can review business rates from all angles (both with the council and the valuation office), operate entirely on a performance fee basis and work under the regulation of RICS, achieving the high standards that they demand. 

What we cover in the review


Rating Audit 

A review on your rates bill with the local council, to ensure that any discounts and reliefs have been applied to your bill. This can be historic, present and can create future savings. 


MCC (Material Change of Circumstances) 

If there has been any external/environmental impact on the property and/or business. Examples such as flooding, roadworks outside the property etc


Unoccupied/partly occupied properties

Full review to find savings for partly occupied or unoccupied properties. 


Rating assessment review 

A full review of your rateable value, based on how your property has been assessed, to gain a reduction and reduce the total amount. This can also create substantial back dated savings as well as ongoing reduced bills. 


Merging or splitting properties

Breaking up or merging Rateable Values together can generate savings either way once a thorough review has been performed.


Case law review

Your property may fall under certain legislation where your business rates can be adjusted to reflect a lower value.