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Would warehouse operators benefit from a RICS - regulated survey?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) , like everybody else, notes the rapid growth in the number, size, and height, of UK warehouses.

2020 saw the average unit increase to 340,000 sq. ft. in area, a trend set to continue with the growth in online commerce, and stock-building to avoid the curse of supply shortages.

In the rush to build, have businesses failed to conduct a detailed survey of their premises?

More to the point, have official government valuers overlooked design features which may contribute to a lower business rates bill?

CPA's team of RICS- accredited surveyors offers a free, detailed re-assessment of business premises whose quirks and idiosyncrasies may lead to lower rates bills in the future, plus a rebate for the period of over-payment.

A free consultation with a member of CPA's experienced team of Personal Advisors could well be the first step to rectifying imperfect rating valuations.

With CPA's competitive rates of commission kicking in only after savings are safely banked by the client, there is absolutely nothing to be lost in contacting CPA without delay.

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