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Will the energy increase affect your business?

Energy bills have been set to go up not only for the households but also businesses across England, Wales and Scotland as the energy price cap is increasing from 1st October 2021. The cap is being increased by the energy regulator Ofgem, to take into account the rising cost of gas and electricity.

Andrew Large, director general of the Confederation of Paper Industries, said: "This is a highly inflationary situation for the British economy and members will clearly be in a position where they do try to pass those costs on to consumers where they can." If you think that this may affect you, please be aware about our new service line “Business Health Check”.

We have decided to expand our support to local (and national) businesses and developed new service to reduce business related costs. Currently, the primary concern is focused on the energy increase. Our partner provide ethical energy solutions from carbon footprint reduction, smart meter readings to renewable energy. Whether it is cheaper costs, both long term and short term, your green credentials, or how your property is fitted out, reviewing your energy costs and methods has never been more important.

From a simple phone conversation, our affiliates manager Jess Clarke will be able to perform a thorough review of your business performance and costs. Please contact us vie the form below, or simply call us at 0117 203 3578.

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