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Why you need professional help, when challenging your business rates

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

You wouldn't dream of going to Crown Court without representation by lawyers. So surely you need expert help when challenging your business rates?

To the layperson, the criteria necessary for drawing up a successful ratings challenge , are increasingly intimidating.In the UK Governement's own words, "A challenge is a legal process with strict rules so you will need to be fully prepared" (Challenge the valuation,

And with the next ratings list, in earl;y 2023, breathing down our necks, and given the inordinate time the Valuation Agency (VOA) takes to come to a decision, there is no time to waste in contesting your non-domestic rates bill.

Perhaps the trickiest aspect of Challenge is the need "to review your valuation and compare it to properties in your area that are of similar age, size and character. (ibid)."

Unsurprisingly, the VOA's own arsenal of local data is fearsomely detailed.

Commercial Property Advisors(CPA) itself employs the services of experienced RICS-accredited surveyors, armed with up to the minute sophisticated datasets which are equal to the best the VOA has to offer.

CPA's services are free of charge, and it welcomes the opportunity of an introductory free consultation.

CPA's competitive and transparent fees are only payable on a successful outcome for the client.

Whatever the nature of your business, from industrial, warehousong, to retail and hospitality, even rural, CPA looks foward to helping you to achieve major savings in 2022.

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