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When it comes to business rates, is the Government Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?

UK firms can be forgiven for failing to see beyond the fog of confusion currently surrounding business rates. On the one hand, kindly Dr Jekyll, government emissary, offers £1.5bn. in extra relief.

Meanwhile, lurking around the corner is the grim prospect of Mr Hyde and his rates bills, hefty despite the one-third taper, and made even more painful with the removal of furlough.

Most of us remain unconvinced by Dr Jekyll, whose rates "relief", vague in its criteria , looks less like an effective remedy than a sleight of hand to reject Covid as an acceptable "material change of circumstance".

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) offers a better prospect of reduced overheads by undertaking to appeal rates bills, through its team of experienced professionals, including RICS-qualified surveyors.

Commision is based solely on positive results, and free consultations are offered on a no obligation basis.

If both Jekyll and Hyde turn out to be working as secret government agents, dedicated to raising revenue at our expense, the time has come for a serious challenge to rates bills, before the queue of appeals becomes a stampede.

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