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What changes have you made to your business, as a result of Covid-19?

Most businesses are coming out of lockdown differently from their previous format: whether product lines have changed, or floor layouts have been modified in stores and factory units, new appeals to customers are under way.

Did you know that this re-modelling may well qualify you for reduced business rates, perhaps even substantial cash rebates?

Not to mention that your current rateable value may be too high anyway, and is well overdue for re-assessment.

Contact Commercial Property Advisors (CPA)  for a free, professional no obligation consultation, which may lead to relief of a long-standing burden on business.

CPA offers to take care of all administration of appeals to the Rating Authority, including free surveys. CPA's terms (no win no fee) are competitive and transparent, leaving you with less to worry about, as we move into a new trading environment.

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