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Wales should not be making life life harder for firms paying rates on empty properties

Commercial Property Advisors CPA), consultants on business rates, views with concern proposals by the Welsh legislature to extend the period of occupation necessary to trigger a new rates free period from six weeks (currently the case in England) to six months. The change is due to come into force on 1 April, 2022.

A spokesperson for CPA commented: " Why on earth should Wales be making life even tougher for landlords, with the property market needing help, not brickbats? The 100% rate of empty rates liability, when it kicks in, is punishment enough. Naturally, landlords will try to mitigate this burden, as expeditiously as the law permits. "

"CPA recognises the difficulty involved in letting properties during a pandemic, and calls on the Welsh Government to retain the current six-week qualifying period for rates relief."

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