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The retail sector in 2020

The Telegraph is keen to stress that physical retailing is far from dead. It quotes Euromonitor, which predicts that even by 2022, 83% of goods will still be bought in-store globally.

However, the Telegraph concedes that the high street will soon become unrecognisable, with niche outlets, powered by AI's ability to monitor and respond to individual shoppers' predilections, and underpinned by a strong online presence ("bricks and clicks"), replacing traditional, tired, fascias. Personalised products, for which customers are assessed to be willing to pay 20% more, will also make a major impact.

However, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) wonders where this necessary re-investment is going to come from if overheads are not kept on the tightest of leashes.

Number one in cost-saving measures must surely be reduced business rates, and CPA's no win no fee service, and free, without obligation consultation, is an appropriate contribution to reducing this heavy, inflation-linked burden.

Substantial rebates and sounder rates footing for the future is the first step towards re-investing in the rapidly-changing future of bricks and mortar businesses.

CPA welcomes all request for help and advice.

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