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The retail recovery is real but very fragile

The British Retail Consortium's surveys for 2021 consistently point to a steady -but slow- recovery in retail and hospitality sales. like many in the sector, it finds it hard to predict accurately for the longer term, particularly as the end of furlough and business rates holidays kicks in.

Given that real change in the UK's rating system is currently lost in the long grass, now is a good time to instruct rating specialists like Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), to conduct a health check of your business rates indebtedness.

CPA has successfully discovered grounds for appeals against the notorious burden of rates, by producing sound, empirical, RICS-supported evidence which the client, and the rating authority, have overlooked.

Since CPA's terms are entirely based on successful outcomes, and agreed with the client in advance , there is absolutely no risk involved in contacting CPA for a free consultation.

In this way, a quicker resolution to the problems of rates bills than the promise of official reform by government, can become a welcome and highly profitable reality.

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