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The race is on!

After many delays, off-line business is back.

Nearly all restrictions on trade have been lifted for retailers and their suppliers, allowing them to win back customers lost during the pandemic.

The high street is coming back to life, with increasing footfall and spruced-up shop-fronts.

More than ever, businesses need to limit their outgoings, in order to concentrate on public-facing activities. In particular, business rates need to be cut back as far as possible, to allow for more investment in stock and services.

At no charge to the client, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) is offering to conduct detailed , evidence-grounded challenges to business rates, employing RICS- accredited surveyors to support their reports.

CPA advises businesses to have their unloved rates bills (already starting to re-appear) scrutinised by experts.

Substantial savings can be achieved, in terms of revaluation and rebates, allowing firms to win the race for business, unencumbered by unwanted bills.

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