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The future of the high street depends on independent traders, says Commercial Property Advisors.

In a perceptive articles, Owen Hatherley predicts that the high street of the future will be unlike the traditional reliance on a new John Lewis to provide a draw for shoppers, around which smaller stores may congregate.

Large operators now have surplus space, much of which they are re-designing for residential purposes.

Other empty properties are being eyed up by community-based arts and social centres, heavily reliant on volunteer labour.

Preston council offers an example of how the best of the old- its bus station- can be refurbished , to provide an environment not dependent on a new John Lewis.

Commercial Property Advisors, business rates specialists, is well aware that its clients are closely involved in re-designing the high street profile.

CPA sees any material changes to businesses as potential grounds for reduced business rates.

CPA welcomes the chance to cast its experienced eye onany business faced by changed trading circumstances.

If CPA's free no obligation consultation leads to a formal appeal, all paperwork is taken care of free of charge, and commission is only paid after savings have been successfully banked by the client.

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