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The Euros 2020 have not helped the pub trade

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) ,specialists in business rates reductions, sympathises with those hospitality outlets which would normally have seen cash registers ringing, as thirsty football fans gather to support their favourite teams in the Euros championship.

The delay in lifting Covid restrictions, by one month (at least), could not have had a worse effect on the pub trade, if it had been maliciously imposed by some strict Temperance organisation.

The fans' ardour has been cooled, and an opportunity to enjoy record bar sales has been lost.

CPA hopes that the Chancellor will pay sympathetic attention to the difficulties of the licensed trade.

For example, CPA considers that a re-vamped "Eat out to Help out" scheme would inject a desperately needed shot in the arm of the licensed trade, and help bring back lost custom. Additionally, the Exchequer would benefit from increased duty revenue.

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