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The burden of business rates will continue to weigh heavily on UK firms

Our Government is not unlike Scrooge in reverse.

During the pandemic, businesses were kept alive by a variety of reliefs, from rates to wages.

With the worst effects of the pandemic apparently over, the Exchequer is set on extracting maximum revenue from firms still shaky from lockdown.

Business rates have returned, albeit with a temporary taper, and official rating of premises has been calculated, ready for a new Rating List, in 2023.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) warns UK firms not to rely on a favourable outcome to this revaluation. Firstly, history shows clearly that non-domestic rates remorselessly rise. Second, a quick glance at any survey of the commercial property market indicates continuing confidence that property values are on an upward trajectory, thus extinguishing hopes that the 2021 rating base might prove an act of unaccustomed generosity by Scrooge.

CPA offers a free commitment to challenge your rates, with solid RICS-accredited evidence , and the services of a Personal Advisor, used to obtaining timely replies form the VOA and local authorities.

So don't expect Scrooge to mend his ways. The best guarantee of reducing your rates is by entrusting your challenge to CPA's team of professionals.

Contact CPA for a free, no obligation consultation.

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