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The battle over business rents shouldn't obscure the case for business rates review.

The traditionally genteel world of footwear has been shaken by news that Clarks is pursuing a Company Voluntary Agreement in order to force down, and in somes cases cancel, its business rents.

This could have major implications for UK businesses.

This extreme form of negotiation with landlords is deemed a step too far for most tenants, who wisely are trying to negotiate less high-risk deals.

And in these tough trading times, good luck to them.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) is a young, successful company involved in winning rates reductions for a wide range of clients, all of whom are trying to live with the effects of the pandemic.

CPA recommends that any attempt to reduce major overheads should be two-pronged, with detailed appeals against business rates soundly based on the changing commercial realities, post-pandemic.

The appeal is entirely risk-free, with CPA handling all complex paperwork, including surveys where necessary, on a no win no fee basis. Its terms are transparent and without hidden extras.

Financially, a firm's problems may be relieved by attention to its rates, as well as the long-standing bills for rent.

Contact CPA for a free no obligation consultation.

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