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Summer Affiliate Referral Programme!

At Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), we understand that the process of appealing Business Rates can be lengthy, often taking 5-6 months to resolve. To reward our partners more swiftly, we're thrilled to launch a 'beta test' this summer aimed at helping you earn more, and faster!

How It Works

1. Referral Submission: A Business Rates referral is submitted to us via a personalised branded web form.

2. Assessment and Signing Bonus: If the referral has a strong case and signs up within 60 days, you earn a signing bonus.

3. Bonus Structure:

  • For your first three referrals, the bonus is £250 each.

  • For every subsequent referral received before 31st August that signs up, the bonus increases to £500!

  • The first round of bonuses will be paid by 30th September, with any remaining bonuses paid by 31st October, marking the end of the 60-day signing period.

To facilitate this process, contact us to get a personalised referral form.

Why Partner with CPA?

  • Experience and Success: Since our founding in 2016, CPA has reviewed 2,726 commercial properties, leveraging a surveyor’s database with over 2.7 million entries. We’ve achieved savings of over £21 million for our clients, with our largest single saving amounting to nearly £400,000.

  • Client-Centric Approach: Our service model is built on transparency, consistency, and reliability. Each client receives dedicated attention from an account manager, ensuring clear communication and meticulous service.

  • No Win, No Fee: CPA absorbs the entire cost of the business rates appeal process if no savings are identified, making our service completely risk-free for clients.

Join us in this exciting opportunity to accelerate earnings while helping businesses save on their business rates.

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