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Small businesses need urgent help on business rates

During the recent race for the keys to Number 10, Mike Cherry, Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, had some sound advice for our politicians. The £25 billion cash cow of business rates should not continue to impose harsh penalties on the hard-pressed high street. In particular, our 5.6 million small businesses deserve some relief, to allow them to display their entrepreneurial flair, and re-vitalise our high streets.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) strongly sympathises with this point of view, but has concluded that the Government is unlikely to make radical reforms before a general election and a more prolonged period of economic stability, post-Brexit.

Meanwhile, CPA strongly encourages firms to consider challenging their rates demands. CPA offers its sound experience in innovative approaches to rates appeals, on a no win no fee basis. CPA takes care of all administration of the appeal, including surveys where necessary.

With the list of outstanding appeals to the VOA growing by the day, CPA urges firms to contact them without delay, for friendly and professional advice and help.

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