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Should business rates reflect the fall in commercial rents?

Many UK commercial landlords are showing pragmatism and welcome realism, when negotiating post-pandemic rents.

Amicable and swift re-adjustment of your rent will not be the case with business rates. As the one-third taper is introduced -a considerable bill for most firms- the tide is flowing in the opposite direction.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) warns that the onus for gaining rates relief, and revaluation will, from now on, be placed squarely on the shoulders of firms themselves, and not on government largesse.

CPA is currently enjoying success in winning favourable rates rebates, running back to 2017, and VO revaluation. These produce major savings for businesses struggling to return to some semblance of financial normality.

More than ever before, now is the time to entrust complex appeals and surveys to specialist and experienced advisors.

CPA's services are free, from initial consultation to compilation of a case. Its competitive charges are only payable after a successful financial outcome for the client.

Contact CPA now, to avoid inevitable delays, once appeals to local authorities and the VO become a tidal wave.

And remember: it takes firms like CPA to fight your corner, as the rating authorities are under no obligation to point out their errors, of omission or commission, to you.

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