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Shopping in the suburbs comes back into fashion

Is your business taking advantage of the drift of shoppers away from town centres?

Due to the pandemic, the consequent lockdown and homeworking, footfall in city centres has fallen- in the case of Cardiff, to a mere 12% of pre-covid levels. This trend will certainly continue, as homeworking becomes the norm for many office workers.

This is good news if you trade in the suburbs. Have you been preparing for new commercial opportunities?

And if so, have you considered having your business rates re-assessed?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) offers a specialised service in winning rates reductions for all businesses undergoing strategic change. Its no win no fee service has saved firms thousands in rebates backdated to 2017, and placed businesses on a sounder rates base for a covid-free future.Lower business rates are a key part of the new financial fitness regime, essential as we merge form lockdown.

Contact CPA today for a free no obligation consultation.

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