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River Island CEO correctly criticises business rates

Clive Lewis, Chairman of River Island, is a scathing critic of UK business rates. They do not, he argues, reflect the reality of trading conditions, and whereas rents have sometimes reduced in difficult trading conditions, business rates remain stubbornly high, linked to inflation and outdated property values.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) agrees, that business rates are best suited for a climate of ever-rising profits and general prosperity. They are certainly contributing to the shuttering of 10% of high street businesses.

What to do?

Government promises of rates relief are unlikely to materialise in the current period of political and economic instability. Brexit can only add to the problem, making the £25 billion revenue from business rates more attractive to government bean-counters than ever before.

CPA urges firms to consider challenging their rates demands without delay., before the queue of appeals becomes a logjam.

CPA offers a no win no fee service, including surveys, and has an impressive and diverse list of satisfied clients, ranging from hotels to conventional retail and hospitality.

CPA keeps its clients aware of every development in the appeals process, and will respond promptly to all requests for help and advice.

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