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Real estate in the life sciences sector: keep an eye on your business rates.

Peter Foley is our resident guru here at CPA, and has been passionately following the shifting world of business rates for many years. With a keen political insight, Peter’s writing reveals how policy change is key to understanding your business rates further, and how this could translate into substantial savings. In his weekly column, Peter also outlines a desired path forward, with changes we’d like to see implemented for a fairer system on the nation's business rates.

Designing properties that can adapt to the ever-changing world of life sciences is no easy task. From innovations in production methods to completely new product developments, the needs of life sciences units are complex and constantly evolving. At Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), we thrive on this challenge.

With our extensive experience in business rates, CPA is uniquely positioned to navigate the intricate criteria that govern the operation of life sciences units. We specialize in examining rateable valuations with meticulous attention to detail, identifying grounds for potential reduction. Whether it's an oversight or misapplied data, we leave no stone unturned.

Equipped with our state-of-the-art datasets on comparable properties (a feat in itself!), CPA is proud to offer a complimentary RICS-led survey of premises. With your instruction, we will then submit a formal rates appeal to the relevant authority, advocating for a fair and accurate assessment.

Cost control is crucial for the survival of life sciences laboratories, production facilities, and storage units. Investor confidence relies on secure financial foundations. That's why the money saved through overpaid or revised business rates, which often amounts to six figures, is vital in this scenario.

At CPA, all costs to you are derived from an agreed commission based solely on the savings achieved. We take care of all the paperwork so you can focus on what you do best. Contact CPA today for expert guidance and advice, without any obligation. Your financial well-being matters to us. Let us help you navigate the complexities of business rates and ensure your success in the world of life sciences. #LifeSciences #BusinessRates #Innovation #CPAExpertis

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