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Proposed digital sales tax a damp squib

Since its earliest days, Commercial Property Services (CPA), specialists in winning rates redcutions for clients, has championed bricks and mortar businesses, and their struggles against giant online retailers.

News that the proposed digital sales tax will only only affect Amazon's third party sellers (the rationale being that it , if applied universally, it would adversely affect retailers like John Lewis and Next), is an opportunity wasted, says CPA.

The 2% tax is a tiddler, compared with the hefty bills for the high street, from rents to to business rates.

Furthermore, CPA believes that a substantial tax take could in part be ploughed into the regeneration of the high street.

So serious is the plight of all physical businesses, whether on the high street or on industrial estates, that CPA is convinced that the Government will be forced to review its timid reform.

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