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You have a great opportunity to have your rates bill permanently reduced

Chancellor Sunak is popular right now, as he splashes the cash, but will be less so, come the need to place our economy on a more normal footing.

Take business rates. 

If businesses mistake the current holiday as the new normal, or at least as a sign of a softer , less ruthless approach to this easy-to-collect tax, 2022 could come as a shock.The history of business rates inevitably shows increase after increase, and current rents are not a reliable marker on which to predict lower rates bills , come the  next Revaluation.

A wiser strategy might well be to use the extra "holiday" time to appeal your rates bill -especially if your business has changed since lockdown- as well as winning thousands in rate rebates.

After all, the worst part of any holiday is the return to work.

 Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) ,specialists in winning business rates reductions for a diverse range of clients, offers a free consultation, and a no win no fee service with competitive rates of commission if successful. CPA will take care of all worrisome paperwork and surveys necessary for the appeal.

With extra money in the bank, in the form of a rates rebate, and a firmer rates bse for the future, that return to work after the holiday can seem a lot less daunting.

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