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Post-lockdown, is there a financial silver lining?

Fascinating results of shopping trends, pre-and post-lockdown, by the Local Data Company, indicate distinct changes in our choice of outlets.

Most significantly, shops recovering most strongly are located in suburban communities, rather than  town centres.

Is there anything businesses adversely affected can do, to soften the blow of reduced footfall?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) urges these enterprises to contact them for a free consultation, regarding their eligibility for reduced business rates. CPA's own research indicates this to be something many firms have put off doing,for a long time, due to day to day commercial pressures. But now, post-lockdown, the need to save money by reducing overheads is a top priority for all outlets. Additionally, physical changes in the layout and product range of businesses may well qualify as solid grounds for appeal to the rating authority. 

So the Covid cloud may yet contain a silver lining.

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