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Night-time businesses are paying too much in business rates.

Sky-high business rates are forcing many night clubs to close, with rises of 60% in two years, in some cases.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) has specialist experience in reducing business rates for the entertainment and hospitality industry and looks forward to hearing from managers in the night-time economy wishing to reduce their overheads. Money saved runs into the thousands, and re-appraisal of business rates provides a firmer footing for the future.

Town centre trends indicate a  move towards the distinct experience that clubs and bars can provide, and with CPA''s worry-free, no win no fee service, all paperwork to do with appeals, including free surveys, is taken off the shoulders of businesses which are striving to inject much-needed life into our high streets.

CPA will respond promptly to all requests for help and advice, and, with an appeals success rate of 80%, offers real opportunities to re-direct money from overheads to re-investment in the future. 

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