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New business registrations slowing down - could business rates be partly responsible?

Latest figures (2018) for the "birth rate" of new businesses- the number of new registrations as a share of all active companies- show a slowing-down, for the second year running.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) believes that one of the biggest deterrents for would-be entrepreneurs is business rates, which are a major drain on profitability. Not only do they outstrip inflation, but they are detached from actual turnover or adverse trading conditions, such as re-routed traffic.

Hence CPA is keen to contact all enterprises struggling with ever-higher rates demands.

CPA has experience of winning rates appeals (an 80% success tally) ,by considering a range of factors so wide that many may escape the attention of firms which are necessarily focused on the minutiae of day to day trading.

And CPA's no win no fee service is proof that well-researched, detailed appeals, including surveys wherever relevant, are the best guarantor of serious savings for its varied clients.

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