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Navigating Business Rates: A Fresh Perspective with CPA!

When seeking reliable advice on business rates, responses vary from the hard of hearing to the stone deaf! A report by Better Retailing reveals concerning feedback from local authorities, ranging from total silence to inaccurate and misleading information.

How can UK businesses navigate this recurring financial burden with dread year after year? The solution lies with Commercial Property Advisors (CPA). Our detailed, data-rich survey comes at no cost, offering a fresh look at your rates.

No matter your business's size, nature, or location, CPA delivers two crucial tasks:

1. A data-driven, RICS surveyor-led analysis of your property, considering local comparators.

2. If agreed, a free submission of this data in a formal report to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

You incur no costs beyond a competitive rate of commission, payable only after your savings are achieved, putting your rates on a fairer footing for the future.

For expert guidance, contact CPA without delay for a timely and accurate response!

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