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MPs call for reform of business rates businesses sharing the same address, and internal redesign

Reform of business rates is way overdue, says the Treasury Select Committee of MPs.

Unfortunately, their report has been drowned out by parliamentary chatter about the election and Brexit and is unlikely to be acted on in the near future.This is not inconvenient to the Treasury, which is estimated to raise £30 billion annually from business rates, an increasingly important source of revenue for local government.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) recommends firms not to wait for government relief from a rating system which is manifestly unfair. Rather, they should consider appealing their rates bills, before the queue of pending appeals (estimated by the Treasury Select Committee at 16,000, but which many analysts place much higher) becomes totally clogged up.

CPA offers a no win no fee service, undertaken by specialists and including surveys where necessary, in an attempt to win substantial repayments, often running into thousands, and a more realistic rateable status for the future.

A simple request for help and advice is all that is necessary for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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