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Make sure you're not paying too much in business rates

We all know that, under our unfair rating system, our business premises attract higher rates, the more we improve them.

But what if the Valuation Office wrongly assumes that our premises are more state-of-the-art than is actually the case?

For example, we may be assessed as having sophisticated sprinkler systems, more than four CCTV cameras, a standby generator, or lifts.

We may be paying for assets we don't have!

For a free check on the details of your business rates, contact the specialists, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA).

This "financial health check" may also reveal substantial changes to your business practices since the outbreak of the pandemic, which will also provide solid grounds for a successful appeal to the Rating Authority, leading to substantial financial rebates and a fairer rates base for the future.

Keep control of your overheads by calling CPA for a free consultation.

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