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Major reports reveals surplus office space, which could qualify for business rates reductions

A major report, by CBI/PwC, has found that, as a result of the pandemic, three quarters of companies surveyed are taking stock of their office space, with a view to reducing it, or using it differently.

In particular, firms in the financial sector are set to continue remote working, and are investing in IT systems accordingly.

What are the implications on business rates?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) is eager to draw up formal cases for rates reductions for any business with surplus space on its hands. Now is an ideal moment, before the end of rates "holidays", and the 2021 revaluation. CPAbelieves it is unlikely that business rates will fall in the future, without businesses themselves taking the initiative to challenge them, without delay.

CPA's service is free, on a no win no fee basis, and includes the often complex paperwork of the appeal, and surveys.

For your free consultation on your eligibility for serious rates savings, contact CPA today for a free, professional consultation.

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