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Logistics and warehousing: are your business rates too high?

Headlines from the front line of the Covid war have obscured the rapid growth of logistics , warehousing, and "last mile" transport hubs. Could the properties involved save money by a professional re-examination of their non-domestic rates?

The broad brush approach to rates applied by the VOA may well be ignoring the particular circumstances of businesses , resulting in higher than necessary bills.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) offers to cast a fresh eye over the physical features of warehouses, regardless of size and location, employing its team of RICS-accredited surveyors to produce a detailed , evidence-based examination of its clients' entitlement to a permanently reduced rates bill. A competitive commission rate is only payable in the event of savings having been banked by the client.

This no-worry approach to rates appeals means that, in the rapidly-expanding world of logistics, accurately assessing the rateable liabilities of the ever-changing footprint of warehousing is best entrusted to experienced surveying professionals.

Contact CPA for a no-obligation consultation.

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