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LAs and Business Rates

Are you having problems in dealing with local authorities, over your claims for reduced business rates?

Do you feel you are being ignored, or pushed to the back of a very long queue?

Would you welcome advice on how to cut through all the red tape, when applying for reduced business rates?

Do your business rates fail to reflect the true picture of your business, post-pandemic?

Are you looking for prompt responses to your appeals for reduced rates?

If so, contact Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), for instant attention to your problems.

Get the benefit of dealing with your own Personal Advisor, who is fully experienced in:

- obtaining prompt replies from local authorities,

- winning business rates claims, and

- who will deal immediately with your request for help.

CPA's no win no fee services mean that you have nothing to lose by contacting us today. And you'll find that our highly competitive rates of commission, and proven success rate in winning substantial rebates from billing authorities , will help restore your commercial fortunes, in these difficult trading times.

And remember that monies available to businesses are on a first come, first served, basis: so so there's no time to lose!

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