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Is there a future for Britain's night- time economy?

If, during the Sixties, the Twist was invented to bypass American legal prohibitions on same- sex couples touching while on the dance-floor, what can be done to save Britain's night clubs in the age of coronavirus? 

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) believes that hospitality venues are all engaged in some form of re-organisation, to comply with public health requirements , while staying afloat financially.

Consequently, CPA welcomes the opportunity to consult with hospitality businesses, on means of reducing the burden of business rates- a case considerably strengthened by material changes in design of venues, post-lockdown.

CPA undertakes to compile a professional appeal to the rating authority, including the provision of free surveys, on a no win no fee basis.

If the Chinese word for "crisis" can also mean "opportunity", CPA urges hospitality firms to review the burden of business rates, which have departed more and more from the characteristics of a fair tax.

CPA's success in winning appeals for a diverse of clients has encouraged many firms to call for a free consultation, without obligation.

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