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Inflation is on the rise. What effect will this have on business rates?

You will never understand how a conjurer's tricks work, if you're not looking at both of his hands.

Rishi Sunak, in his Autumn Statement, is surely bound to acknowledge that non-domestic rates currently act as a disincentive to investment.It takes a hard-hearted individual to punish you for improving your property. Change is overdue.

But watch what the Chancellor's other hand is doing. Commercial Property Advisors, specialists in business rates, predicts that the Chancellor will continue to pocket the money raised by the "multiplier", a tidy sum whichever measure of inflation is employed.

You only have to visit your filling station , to see how inflation is rising. And general shortages in the shops are bound to send the Consumer Price Index higher still.

Apart from swelling the Exchequer's coffers, there is no logical reason why business rates should be index-linked. Yet what a nest egg for the Chancellor!

Independent advice and help in challenging rates demands has never been more timely.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) welcomes the opportunity to build for its clients a forensic, RICS-supported case for reduced rates CPA's moderate fees are not payable before a successful financial outcome for the client.

This worry-free approach has produced major savings for a wide variety of firms, from retail to industrial.

Surely your business has undergone radical change during the pandemic? And surely your improved operations require financial support via reduced rates and rebates?

Contact CPA today for a free consultation.

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