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How to cope with rising gas bills?

The latest round of gas bills will concern both domestic and commercial bill-payers alike.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), consultants specialising in reducing business rates, are also committed to driving down unnecessary expenditure generally.

To this end, we have partnered with smart energy specialists, experienced in designing cost-efficient, low-carbon energy solutions.

One successful project has involved replacing a gas boiler with a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit, capable of providing 125 to 500kW, and 200kW of heat. This unit can operate independently of the grid, protecting the factory from outages! Savings of £50,000 per year are guaranteed, versus Grid connection.

Planned CHP maintenance and warranty as per the manufacturers' recommendations, are included, and full advantage is taken, of recent tax credits in the Budget.

For free no obligation technical help and advice, contact us.

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