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How likely is the government to reduce the business rate multiplier?

The Centre for Retail Research floats the idea that, in order to introduce some justice to the business rates system, the "multiplier" could be halved. How likely is this to happen?

We live in uncertain times, The Brexit-based parliamentary paralysis is thwarting any attempts at reform, not least of the business rates system. Indeed, at a time when the government, both national and local, is more desperate than ever to secure income from any form of taxation, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) considers it highly unlikely that official brakes will be applied to the index-linked money machine which business rates represent.

A safer option is for firms to contact CPA for an up-to-date appraisal of their eligibility for a successful rates appeal. 

With CPA's offer of a no win no fee, no-obligation deal, all worry is removed, including the technical problems of paperwork, including surveys. CPA's success rate (80%) in winning appeals, often worth thousands, makes today an ideal time to challenge the level of rates payable, based on the professional experience of the complex administration which is deliberately off-putting to the layperson.

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