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How independent businesses can survive in 2020.

In its well-researched report, "Retail 2020", the British Retail Consortium regards independent traders as vulnerable, being less able than big players, it argues, to make cost savings in challenging times.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) does not share this view, or the general forecast that, by 2025, retailing will employ 900,000 fewer people, although it acknowledges that costs have risen of late far faster than consumer spending.

CPA argues that it is relatively easy for independent firms to control costs, by having a professional re-assessment of their business rates. CPA's no win no fee service has led to success in 80% of its appeals to the VOA. Consequent savings and a more realistic rates base for the future will jointly power the independents'  future strategy, and help fund innovative, niche retailing experiences already transforming the high street.

CPA welcomes all requests for help and advice, on how to arrange a New-Year financial health check.

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