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How does one accurately verify their business rates?

Peter Foley is our resident guru here at CPA, and has been passionately following the shifting world of business rates for many years. With a keen political insight, Peter’s writing reveals how policy change is key to understanding your business rates further, and how this could translate into substantial savings. In his weekly column, Peter also outlines a desired path forward, with changes we’d like to see implemented for a fairer system on the nation's business rates.

This question plagues many entrepreneurs. Independent surveys indicate that local authorities often fall short when asked to provide greater detail on how a business's rates are calculated. These authorities may either choose not to respond or, even more concerning, provide inaccurate information.

Given that it is the responsibility of local authorities to collect the maximum possible amount in taxes, it should not be a shock that they tend to cloud and complicate what should essentially be a simple request for information. Furthermore, it has been observed that the rateable value applied often derives from a cursory desktop assessment rather than a thorough physical survey.

To gain a transparent and fair assessment of the correct Rateable Value (RV) of your commercial premises, along with the complete implementation of government allowances, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) can be your ally. Reach out to CPA for an exhaustive examination that includes the crucial application of local comparators to your latest bills.

This in-depth survey is conducted at no cost by CPA's team of skilled professionals. Upon request, the team is ready to prepare and present a formal challenge to your rates, ensuring that you only pay what is accurate and fair. By taking this initiative, you can navigate the often convoluted path of business rates with confidence and peace of mind.

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