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How can we challenge regional inequalities in business rates?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) strongly agrees with the CBI that business rates take no account of regional differences in economic wellbeing.

Rates, and the time-lag between their revaluation, are not canny or agile enough to respond to upturns or adverse shocks in the local economy, and their effects on property values.

As a result, poorer areas may effectively be subsidising high streets which have suddenly benefited from gentrification and investment.

CPA seeks to address this problem by challenging  businesses' rates demands, basing their case on a whole range of criteria. Several thousands of pounds have been won in compensation - more than ever important in the midst of lockdown, when every penny counts.

CPA offers a free consultation to all firms wishing to reduce their rates, and operates on  a no win no fee basis.

With the current rates cycle extended by one year, now is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a worry-free saving, at no initial cost.

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