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High Street Blues Continues

In spite of last year's partial relief for the high street, the Chancellor is set to INCREASE this year's non-domestic rates by £728 million (or 2.4%, based on the September 2018 rate of inflation).

The Chancellor's mooted plans to introduce an"Amazon Tax" on online retailers, to " level the playing field", will not resolve the blighting of our high streets where shutters and decay are all-too-familiar sights.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) offers professional services to businesses wishing to challenge their rates bills. Its no win no fee operation eliminates any risks to its clients, and it undertakes to complete all necessary paperwork and surveys.

CPA is itself young and small enough to know at first hand the pressures facing the modern retail and hospitality sector, and depends for its success on a solid reputation for securing rate relief wherever possible.

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