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High business rates need not result in a ​court summons

The Financial Times's alarming report, that one in six businesses have appeared before the magistrates for non-payment of business rates, reflects a growing national problem which is causing one in ten high street shops to put up their shutters.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) offers hard-pressed traders a potential solution, with a prompt, no-worry, no win no fee challenge to business rates demands, which has commonly resulted in savings, back-dated and for the future, of thousands of pounds- a lifeline!

Acknowledging that businessmen have little or no time to negotiate the technical minutiae - let alone surveys - involved with rates challenges, CPA responds promptly to all requests for help, and processes all paperwork, employing its successful experience in re-assessing properties, trading histories, and local conditions.

CPA shares public concern that the future of retail is vital to a healthy economy, and vibrant communities.

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