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High business rates are must be reformed, says Commercial Property Advisors (CPA).

Clive Lewis, River Island Chairman, sums up the problem facing today's businesses perfectly:" The burden that business rates place upon all high street businesses not only stifles growth but is  a major contributor to the closure of stores and the resulting decline in towns across the country."

Firms large and small are affected by disproportionate taxation not based on turnover, leading to a vacancy rate of over 10% of high street properties. Equally hit are hotels and the hospitality industries.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) acknowledges that the wait for tax reform may be a long one, and counsels businesses to contact its experienced team of professionals to assess their eligibility for a successful challenge to their present business rates. The prize is often savings of thousands, backdated to the last rating review, and laying down a fairer tax base for the future. A no win no fee service, and no-obligation consultation mean there is nothing for clients to worry about, and with CPA's 80% success rate in winning appeals, there is every prospect of placing their businesses on a firmer footing, with more money to invest in a confident future.

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