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Have you had no government help during pandemic?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) shares the frustration of businesses which have missed out on financial relief from government, during the pandemic.

As if designed to make matters worse, compensation for a " material change of circumstances" is now both time- and value- limited, meaning that only businesses with a transparently strong case, and in the front of an expected long queue, stand any chance of official financial relief.

It is thus vital, now more than ever, to entrust claims for financial compensation to specialist firms with a proven track record of success in winning claims for their clients, particularly when dealing with local authorities.

CPA welcomes the opportunity to examine in detail, without fees or obligation, the changes in trading forced on their clients as a result of the pandemic.

CPA will then use its varied experience to put together a strong case for financial relief.

CPA engages surveyors where necessary, and assigns a Personal Advisor to administer every stage of the appeals process, keeping clients apprised of all developments as they take place.

CPA's no win no fee service, together with its transparent rates of commission, ensure that businesses are relieved of all worries.

CPA depends for its own survival on successful outcomes for its clients.

Please contact CPA for a free consultation, and risk-free opportunity to win thousands in relief.

Additionally, CPA is eager to challenge the burden of business rates, wherever opportunities arise .

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